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Weekly Recap #21

Hi everyone, with Rachel and I's crazy work schedules, we miss sharing whats going on with us. We used to have a lot of fun with our Showcase Sunday posts, so thought we'd do something regular on the blog, where we share bookish news and life news in general as a weekly recap! We've decided to link our weekly wrap up's with The Sunday Post hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated reviewer.

Hi all, I'm finally back, I'm so sorry about the long absence, I got really sick at the end of November, that I couldn't do much, and then we had a holiday planned, and it was a bit all over the place whether  we would be going or not, but we managed to make it. I couldn't even post on here where I was going, as it was meant to be a surprise visit for my cousins in Canada, but we had a great time, even with the freezing temperatures, its was -21 at times! It was definitely nice starting the new year in a different country, as usually when I'm back home, I'm not feeling the beginning of the year. Now that I'm back, I'm hoping to get back to regular posting, my reading is all over the place, so we'll see, but thank you to Rachel, for being such a great friend and dealing with everything whilst I was away! 


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A mixed sort of reading year so far, I had high hopes for Once and For All, but it took me the longest time to read and even then I wasn't a fan. I thought starting the year of with a are-read would be perfect, but I didn't even end up enjoying Kulti as much the second time around, what is wrong with me! 

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So I had a pretty good reading week. I rated all of these 3.5 or 4 stars.  Merry and Bright was a short and cute.  Fragments of the Lost started out slow, but I'm so glad I hung in there because it ended up being really good!  Keep Her Safe took a while for me to get into, and was a bit predictable but I ended up enjoying it. Final Siege was a fantastic romantic suspense/second chance romance! I hope to have my review up next week.

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Its been such a long time since I've read something by Ally Carter, I've loved her Heist Society series, so I have high hopes for this book! 

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I had UNSUB in my TBR for sometime now but I requested an audio copy once I saw that Brandie over at Running on Words and Wine enjoyed it.  Plus, I saw the Zodiac, a movie about the Zodiac Killer, a serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco area in the late 1960s early '70s, and was totally riveted!  UNSUB is inspired by those events and so I'm really intrigued.  I got a copy of The Sometimes Sisters because I love Carolyn Brown's stories!

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Mariana Zapata has a new book out! *flails* there's not a lot of information about it so far, but it's out next month and I can't wait 

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 So I've seen 738 Days around for a while, had a few friends read and mostly love it and when the second one came out (which is a standalone), I became interested again.  I requested it from the library so we'll see when I get to it.  I really enjoyed the first Lost Platoon book so I'm eager to pick up Off the Grid. I added it to my TBR so I wouldn't forget, and hopefully I get an ARC. :)



Riverdale was finally back this week, I'm not enjoying it as much as I used to, but it's a show that I just can't stop watching. Also this week's episode what is going on with Chic? he's creeping me out, but I'm liking this newest development! 


Haven't had much time for TV lately but I did catch up on a few episodes of The 100 and I have to say every time I sit down and think I'm just going to watch one episode I have to watch like three! It really is such a good series.  I'm in the second season now.




We were lucky enough to visit this beautiful castle whilst in Canada and they had the most beautiful views, it was absolutely freezing, but the views were worth it, you can just see the CN tower in the distance! 


I'm in major baby shower planning mode. It's next Saturday and everything is turning out soooo cute!!  I'm super excited!  Haven't been reading except for audio books at this point.  I HOPE to post a review next week, but we'll see. I'm still sort of sick, not as bad as last week, but still have this darn cough!  I haven't been doing any exercise because it's cold and windy outside, and I want to get better.  As soon as the shower is over I plan on getting myself back on my running schedule.  I miss running, but I need to get over this sickness before I do anything.

How was your week?

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Blog Tour & Review: Keep Her Safe by K.A.Tucker

Keep Her Safe by K.A. Tucker
Publication date: January 23rd 2018
Publisher: Atria Books
Pages: 448
My rating: 3.5 Stars
Buy Links: Amazon | Books-a-Million | B&N
IndieBound | Apple | Blio | Google | TBD

Making a Murderer meets Scandal in this story of police corruption, family secrets, and illicit affairs from bestselling author K.A. Tucker, celebrated for her “propulsive plot twists and searing seduction” (USA TODAY).

Noah Marshall has known a privileged and comfortable life thanks to his mother, the highly decorated chief of the Austin Police Department. But all that changes the night she reveals a skeleton that's been rattling in her closet for years, and succumbs to the guilt of destroying an innocent family's life. Reeling with grief, Noah is forced to carry the burden of this shocking secret.

Gracie Richards wasn't born in a trailer park, but after fourteen years of learning how to survive in The Hollow, it's all she knows anymore. At least here people don't care that her dad was a corrupt Austin cop, murdered in a drug deal gone wrong. Here, she and her mother are just another family struggling to survive...until a man who clearly doesn't belong shows up on her doorstep.

Despite their differences, Noah and Gracie are searching for answers to the same questions, and together, they set out to uncover the truth about the Austin Police Department's dark and messy past. But the scandal that emerges is bigger than they bargained for, and goes far higher up than they ever imagined.

Complex, gritty, sexy, and thrilling, Keep Her Safe solidifies K.A. Tucker's reputation as one of today's most talented new voices in romantic suspense.

My Thoughts:
Noah’s life is turned upside down with his mother’s death, a decorated police chief. Noah’s always looked up to her, but with her drunken confessions about Abe Wilkes’ death, his mother’s police partner, Noah’s not sure about anything anymore.  Abe Wilkes was not only Noah’s mother’s partner, he was like a second dad to him up until he was killed in a supposed drug deal gone bad.  With all these new questions, and a quest from his dead mother, Noah seeks out Gracie, Abe’s daughter.  Gracie and her mom left the state not long after Abe’s death, and their lives went downhill from there. 

When Noah shows up on Gracie’s door she’s suspicious, but the help and support he provides during a family crisis softens the barriers between them.  Noah was a sweetheart and completely steadfast.  The questions about the past, what really happened to Abe, and what was Noah’s mother’s part in it, force Noah and Gracie to work together to find the truth and, hopefully, the closure they both need.  There’s an immediate attraction simmering between them, but this is a slow burn romance, both needing to trust before anything can happen. 

It took me a bit to get into this, and the mystery was a bit predictable, but the story ended up being a captivating tale of lies and betrayal.  A few thrilling twists, danger, suspense, and a nice romance made this an entertaining read. Can’t forget the adorable one-eyed mutt, Cyclops!

K.A. Tucker writes captivating stories with an edge. Her books have been featured in national publications including USA TODAY, The Globe and Mail, Suspense Magazine, and Publishers Weekly. She currently resides in a quaint town outside Toronto with her husband and two beautiful girls.

Connect with K.A. Tucker:
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